FECAFOOT Endorse Coton Sport’s Visa to the CAF Confederation Cup.

The Cameroon Football Federation (FECAFOOT) has endorsed Coton Sport’s Visa to the  2020/21 CAF Confederation Cup season. 

This was confirmed on Friday September 25, 2020 during the General assembly of the Cameroon Football Federation in its Resolution Number 16 which confirms that, PWD social club of Bamenda and Coton Sport of Garoua who finished first and second in the 2019/20 season,  will represent the country in the CAF Champions league and CAF Confederation Cup respectively.

It should be noted that, this decision was taken based on scenario 2 of the circular from CAF on August 31, 2020 which states ” MAs that did not complete the 2019/20 season but season criteria for classify the teams or homologate competitions for 2019/20 season,  the engaged teams shall be the teams qualified from the national competition for 2019/20 season”.

This confirmation has cancelled all rhetorical questions, of which team will represent Cameroon in the CAF Confederation Cup.

Though the decision came late, Coton Sport of Garoua had already started preparations for the new season as the club’s hierarchy recently announced in their General assembly on September 12, the signing of 19 new players,  the purchase of new buses and a 15% increase in the club’s budget.

With the 2019/20 CAF season still to end, the new CAF season will kick start by mid November this year.


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