FECAFOOT – LFPC: CAF backs FECAFOOT, Questions Presence of ‘Mercenary’ Officials in Cameroon.

Giovanni Wanneh,

Sports Writer

The Confederation of African Football (CAF), courtesy her Secretary General Abdelmounaïm Bah, has written an affirmative note to Cameroon’s FA – regarding their recent decision to dissolve the professional league.

The letter addressed to Cameroon FA’s Secretary General Benjamin Didier Banlock contains two pertinent points;

-League or other groups of affiliated clubs must comply with the provisions of the statuses’ of CAF and FIFA.

– Leagues or other groups affiliated to CAF member FA’s are subordinates to the latter and must be recognised by her. The powers, rights and obligations of these groups are stipulated in the member’s statuses and their own statuses and regulations must be approved by the member.

Furthermore, CAF goes ahead to question the presence of ‘mercenary’ officials on Cameroon territory, stating that she did not give any mandate for such. A follow up process is on due course, and perhaps a sanction awaits.

The fight between Cameroon’s Football Association (FECAFOOT) and the country’s Professional league has been long lasting.

Due to the Professional league commencing on Sunday November 1, on General Pierre Semengue’s command, some rules were broken. Players reportedly played without licences, plus, officials were brought from neighbouring Equatorial Guinea.

Following the chaos, FECAFOOT took the decision to dissolve the league in accordance with a petition from 19 club Presidents who voted to that effect. FECAFOOT dissolved the Professional league on Wednesday 4.


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