Fetcheu FC overcomes Stade Renard to record its 1st win of the playoffs

feutcheu fc
feutcheu fc records 1 win

Feutcheu FC recorded it’s first win in the League 1 playoffs for the title after overcoming a less inspired Stade Renard side. Three things are to be retained from this encounter.

1) A minute of silence was respected before kickoff in honour of Tayiwoh princewill, the 23 year old Stade Renard goalkeeper who passed away in May 28 after a brief illness.
Stade Renard later on had to replace its main goalkeeper Yannick Epane Epane who at half time had a malaise and remained lying on the turf. Emmanuel Cyrille Yokam went in to play the remaining 45 minutes.
2) The goals: An early goal at the 12th minute from Junior Garhagne who benefited from an hesitation and a slide from Thomas Legrand Nkuissi to open tally at the military stadium. Feutcheu Fc will make it 2-0 from the penalty spot after Thomas Legrand Nkuissi will try to remove the ball from his goal line with the hand. The penalty will be converted Serge Nkounga (2-0)
3) This victory is the first win of the playoffs for Feutcheu which had so far recorded 1 draw and 2 defeats. Feutcheu FC now stands on 4 points after 4 games played. For Stade Renard, this defeat is the 4th consecutive defeat in the playoff series.

The boys from Melong who ended in top position of their group during the 1st phase of the championship have been unable to sustain and manage the rhythm of the playoffs.

This game between the last two teams was more of a game for honour because both teams have been eliminated in the race for the title of champion of Cameroon.

Feutcheu Line UP

feutcheu fc

Stade Renard Line UP


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