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FIBA Women Afro-Basket: Kenya Falls To Cameroon In FIBA Afro-basket Opener

Kenya, women’s national basketball team fell to Africa powerhouse Cameroon by 24 points on Saturday in their opening game of the 28th edition of the women Afro-basket taking place at the multi-purpose Sports complex in Yaounde

The first quarter was a little difficult for both teams but Cameroon women got the better part of the game with a slide win 21-17

Kenya made life difficult for the host in the second quarter winning the first two points and we’re hoping to get a victory in the second quarter but team Cameroon stood its ground and came back in the game powerfully to close the second quarter with just two points difference 18-16. At the break team, Cameroon was six points up 39-33

The second segment of the game began with the third quarter and Kenya slump with a twenty-point difference to give Cameroon lionesses more added advantage going into the four-quart 26-6.

Cameroon fail to win the fourth quarter 9-11 but the fourth quarter win was not enough for Kenya to draw level. Full-time Cameroon got the first victory at home 74-50


Cameroon got 54% (20/37) on free throws while Kenya won possession on free throws 67%(10/15)

Cameroon gain 50% on 2 pointers 18/36 and Kenya 47% (17/36). Cameroon and Kenya performed poorly on 3 pointers 32%(6/19) and 14%(2/14) respectively

Cameroon finished the game with 44%(24/55) on field goals and Kenya 38%(19/50)
Team Cameroon was outstanding with 42 rebounds won and 29 for Kenya.

Cameroon ended the game with 11 points maximum in row and Kenya 7 points with 14 and 23 fouls committed by both teams respectively


Cameroon 🇨🇲 P1 W1 L0 2 Points

Kenya 🇰🇪 P1 W0 L0 1 Pont

Cape Verde 🇨🇻 P0 W0 L0 0Point


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