FIFA Coca cola Rankings: Cameroon gains three places.

The indomitable lions of Cameroon have gained three places from the FIFA Coca cola Rankings for the month of November published today November 27, 2020. 

The lions performance at the last international window of the calendar year was impressive as the lions scored 6 goals pass the Mambas of Mozambique in a double header of the AFCON qualifiers earlier this month.

The troops of Antonio Conceicao are now ranked 50th in the FIFA rankings and 6th in the continent.

Senegal tops the chat in the continent and ranked 20th in the world.

Top 10 African Nations. 

1. Senegal (20) 1558 points

2. Tunisia (26) 1503 points

3. Algeria (31) 1488points

4. Nigeria (35) 1474points

5. Egypt (49) 1432points

6. Cameroon (50) 1428points

7. Ghana (52) 1424 points

8. Mali (57) 1394 points

9. Cote d’Ivoire (61) 1394points

10. South Africa (71) 1341 points

Belgium maintains their supremacy at the top of the FIFA rankings with 1780 points.

Top 10 FIFA Coca cola Rankings. 

1. Belgium (1780points)

2. France (1755 points)

3. Brazil (1743 points)

4. England (1670points)

5. Portugal (1662 points)

6. Spain (1645 points)

7. Argentina (1642points)

8. Uruguay (1639 points)

9. Mexico

10. Italy.

The next FIFA rankings will come in the month of December 2020.



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