FIFA COVID-19 Funds: South West Amateur Clubs Receive Their Own Share Of The Cake.

South West Amateur Clubs Receive their own share of the FIFA COVID-19 Funds on Monday December 14, 2020.

Following the premature end of the Amateur leagues last season due to the outbreak of coronavirus pandemic in March this year,  football world governing body (FIFA) allocated  Covid-19 funds to clubs all over the globe who were negatively affected by the Pandemic. 

Amateur clubs in Cameroon started receiving the funds as it started with the centre Region on December 1 followed by the Littoral Region the following day.

Amateur clubs in the South West Region received theirs yesterday Monday December 14,  2020 via Orange Mobile Money.

So far 23 out of the 26 Amateur clubs in the region have received their money through their respective Orange Mobile Money Accounts.

According to the Secretary General of South West Fecafoot, Mr Sylvester Esowe Mwambo the other three clubs: Cinyodev FA, Little Foot FC and Kumba Lakers haven’t received theirs because of technical error that occurred but will be receiving theirs in the days ahead ones the technical error is resolved.

Meanwhile,  the Divisional clubs have been told to get ready for their own share of the FIFA COVID-19 Funds.

It should be noted that the regional league clubs will receive 500,000 frs CFA each while Divisional clubs will receive 100,000 frs CFA each.

The remaining day one matches of the new South West Regional championship will be played on December 20, 2020 in stadia across the region.



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