FIFA Petitions FECAFOOT 24 Hours After CAS Verdict

FIFA has given her take on issues concerning the Cameroon Football Federation


The World Football Governing Body (FIFA) through her Secretary General – Fatma Samoura, have backed  CAS’ verdict, asking FECAFOOT to conduct new elections as soon as possible.

For starters, the Court Of Arbitration For Sports (CAS) yesterday January 16 canceled the elections that led  to the placement of FECAFOOT president Seidou MBOMBO NJOYA’s executive committee following the complaint filed by AS MEIGANGA, in particular, and equally the Association of Amateur Football Clubs (ACEFAC) which carries the background complaint of OIympique of Meiganga.

The letter was addressed to acting FECAFOOT Secretary General  Didier Benjamin Banlock

Here is what it has as content;

Mr. Acting Secretary General,
Thank you for your correspondence of January 15, 2021 relating to the CAS decision aired, which has captured the attention of FIFA.

To respond to your request for
clarification relating to provision of article 235, we inform you of the following
taking into account the circumstances of the case in question, and for the reasons given by CAS. FIFA
considers the need to ensure
continuity of service until new elections will be organized as soon as possible….

FIFA therefore wants CAS decisions to be implemented as quickly as possible and
does not intend to take any new decision as it stands.

However, we would like to point out that the exceptional mandate thus granted to the bodies currently
in place will be strictly supervised by FIFA. The
terms and concrete limits of this mandate will be specified later and under the control of
FIFA, which must be consulted before any envisaged decision
as per the electoral deadlines.

Please take note of the above, and remain at your service for your
body in this transitional mission, Mr.
Acting General.

There’s some hope that Cameroon will not at least be getting under the normalisation committee for a fourth time.


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