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For 6 Million Dollars Title !!


The Yellow Dragons of Ismaili SC are fighting tonight to win a ticket of two for the Union of Arab Football Associations (UAFA) first title ever.

The whole city of Ismailia couldn’t sleep since their team departed to Casablanca to rake their counterpart Raja SC in the 2nd leg of UAFA semi-final, after a 1 – 0 win in the 1st leg at home.

Ismaily won 1st leg of UAFA semi-final

The coastal team has been chasing this title for more than 30 years now; as they never broke the semi-final stage in their 5 previous participations started in 1992.


Ismaily who made the worst record by changing 4 coaches in 3 weeks time, is now under massive pressure from their local fans who will nit accept any more losses by the current management that used the excuses of their efforts to achieve this precious title to keep the fire of their fans anger under surface.

Raja Training Sessions (Top), Ismaily Training Session (Bottom)

The title value of 6 Million Dollars is the city final hope to rescue the team out of their cracking financial situation, to build the team up and get him on his historical track once again.

Ismaily SC Team 1st Leg of UAFA semi-final

Both African Arab teams are competing tonight to get the African part ticket to the final where the winner is due to meet the Asian side winner Ittihad Jeddah SC who already booked his ticket to the final last month.


An elite North African Classic game expected tonight, where thrill is not missed at all…..


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