Franck Erick Diffo: Sports Journalist Prosecuted For Defamation of Ndedi Junior’s Character

Web editor of famous sports website and presenter with ABK radio, Franck Erick Diffo, has been called up for questioning at a local brigade in his home town Douala, in relation with defender Ndedi Junior of Donlap Academy.

For starters, Franck Erick Diffo did a couple of pieces on all those called up by coach Martin Ndtongou Mpile, with the Intermediate Lions (including Ndedi Junior). The former T.P.O of Union Sportive, in his “watch dog” role, pondered in his write up why Elite One and two players would be left behind for a player like Ndedi Junior, considered ‘average’ by a host of football lovers. It is on this thinking path that he suggested with his evidence that money or gifts would have been used for the call up of the lad.

Ndedi Junior eventually made Ndtongou Mpile’s Intermediate Lions list. But what happened in the tournament for the 21-year-old wasn’t pretty at all.

Ndedi started alongside Banga Bindjeme in the center defense role in the game pitting Cameroon against Mali, and what followed was a complete disaster; prolly due to stage fright, the youngster made absolute howlers and lasted only half an hour before being substituted for a more reliable Ngombe Etame.

Since that game, nothing was heard of the former New Stars man – Ndedi Junior who reportedly left camp.

Association of sports Journalist Secretary General Sylvain Kwambi has  told on a phone call: ” we are here with Diffo since morning. It is just prosecution for now, we hope it ends that way.”

Franck Erick Diffo has had lots of stick while performing his duties. Early last year, he was at it with Cameroon international Christian Bassogog.

Erick Diffo laid to rest his father only two weeks ago. This should be difficult to suck in for the talented Journalist


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