François famawa ready to help clubs return to the pitch

Afeseh Apong,

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The president of Panthere Sportive of Nde, Jules François famawa says he is ready to offer financial assistance to clubs, so as to permit them return to the field for the 2020_2021 football season.

Famawa was one of the 20 club representatives who answered present for the extraordinary general assembly of the Cameroon professional football league.

Speaking to the press afterward, Jules François Famawa saluted the courage of General Pierre Semengue, and called on his colleagues (club presidents), to do everything possible for the league to resume as fast as possible.

“If you are a club president and you are putting money to bring children together who are training everyday, and you have a Championship and don’t know when it will kick-off, it becomes worrying”

“I salute the courage of General Semengue because he showed proved of being patient to some of my colleagues who at times when out of what we can call dialogue. Sports have to come before everything and I’m a legalist, I don’t play with the law. It’s time for people to stop to think that they can confiscate our football”, said Famawa.

Concerning Tuesday’s extraordinary general assembly, he describes it as a success.

“As far as I’m concerned, today was a big success and I thank the other presidents who showed up. We had the majority of the clubs, and even the 12 others who didn’t come, are not all in the other side. It’s just that they are far and could make it”

To his colleagues that may be facing difficulties in preparing for the championship, the business guru is open to helping them.

“I will continue to support those presidents, even if they don’t have money and need some help, I will continue to support them, to permit us to go back to the stadium. At this moment when our country has a lot of problems, you don’t have to add another problem and sports is something that keeps us happy because when you watch a football match, you feel happy when your team wins. So everybody has to go back to the field now”.

Famawa’s Panthere Sportive of Nde finished 15th out of the 18 league one clubs in the 2019_2020 season, with 33 points recorded in 28 league games. The club’s supremo, says he is aiming high for the upcoming campaign.

“Naturally, the people of Bangante try to put themselves together to get a very good team. Last weekend we had our assembly and it was very successful. Now we have an Egyptian coach (Ahmed Abdel), a very nice guy and we are expecting that we’re gonna get all what we need this year”, Famawa concluded.


Afeseh Apong

Afeseh Apong is a graduate of the Advanced School of Mass Communication, ASMAC, and is currently Team press officer of PWD Bamenda

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