French League 2 side in Desperate Need Of Onana

French League 2 side in Desperate Need Of Onana

After receiving offers from Latvia, the Under-20 international Onana Rodrigue is needed by multiple French league 1 and 2 sides, has gathered from Amoureux du foot Camer.

The attacking midfielder currently under contract with AS Fortuna might leave for a better deal abroad this January transfer window, if all terms are seen through.

Onana Rodrigue played a pivotal role for AS Fortuna last season, as he helped the side stay afloat in the Cameroon Premiership.

Onana Rodrigue equally played a role in Cameroon’s Under-20 UNIFFAC triumph, especially his spectacular free kick against Congo Brazaville that gave Cameroon the leeway to the Championship against the Democratic Republic of Congo, in the final of the tourney.

Onana keeps on catching the the even without an active Championship, and it is well to say the starlet might not complete his youth football in Cameroon.


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