GFA Election: CAS copy Palmer response from Normalization Committee

Court of Arbitration for Sports, CAS have officially written to the legal team of dismissed Ghana Football Association Presidential aspirants Winfried Osei Kwaku “Palmer” to confirm the Ghana Football Association’s responds to reasons why he was disqualified.

CAS wrote to the football association last Thursday to respond to why Palmer was disqualified and be made available to them on Monday 21st October 2019 which the football association duly did.

Information gathered by indicates that the only reason as to why Winfried Osei Kwaku “Palmer” was expunged from the names of contestants to vie for the vacant GFA seat is because he refused to honour the GFA their due in the transfer of Joseph Painstil.

It can also be revealed that the legal team of Osei Kwaku “Palmer” have swiftly responded to CAS after receiving the forwarded reason and are seeking for an expedite action from CAS so as to determine the stance of their candidate before the election on Friday.

The Vetting Committee of the Normalization Committee disqualified the bank roller of Team Youth FC during the vetting and integrity test of the GFA President aspirants.

From the responds of the Normalization Committee to CAS as to why Winfried Osei Kwaku Palmer was disqualified, it is clear that he was found by the NC to have breached a part of the GFA constitution on player transfer which warranted his disqualification.

Barring any unforeseen contingency, Friday, 25th October, 2019 will be the day of the GFA election in Accra.


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