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Ghanaian Journalist Victor Markin angrily thrash Abdul Salam Statement



Ace Ghanaian Broadcast Journalist and Member of Former Ghana Premier League side Sekondi Eleven Wise, Victor Markin has angrily thrashed the phrase ‘Football is for football people’.

The Sports fan and pundit upon hearing Bank Roller of New Edubiase United FC, Abdul Salam Yakubu say in an interview to Fox FM, that nothing has happened to football in Ghana.Only having section of the public negatively tagging the game and people associated to it as rotten.

Stating emphatically that, football is meant for football people.

“I have said it time without number that nothing has happened in Ghana but we have polluted football people against the public and our football is just collapsing, football is meant for football people”, Salam Yakubu.

The above piece has angered former Ghana BroadCasting Cooperation (GBC- Accra) worker, Victor Markin to thrash the unfortunate phrase moving around without any justification.

“When I walk up to listen to the happenings in our football I get crazy about the level of indiscipline in this country across board.. We worship thieves , armed robbers that can be found in high political and social strata because we ourselves are poor , lazy, illiterate and primitive”.

“Shine your eyes this country ain’t going anywhere the way we do things here… We have a rotten society, highly temperamental that wants results per second but is not prepared to honestly and sincerely contribute towards that”.

“Football people so very soon I will be joining the chorus and talking about football people” Ghana is sick upside down”, the CEO of Time Code Media Network said.

The former Kyzz FM and Good News FM worker added that; “The country has become so indisciplined from top to bottom to the extent that we are enveloped by thrash (loose unguided talk ) every day”.

Story by Kolog Bonaventure


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