GSL: Wochie Saintis – The Faith That Lifts Mountains

 At 24 years old, thanks to #HerHomeAdvantage, Wochie Saintis Gysignole is gradually making a name in the Guinness Super League with Caïman Football ladies of Douala. After only less than 2 years in the women's top flight, the versatile defender has already played 13 out of 19 games this season.

Her rise to the Guinness Super League hasn’t been a bed of roses, as she had to cross many obstacles and face prejudices to achieve her dream of becoming a footballer.

Very young, she refused the dolls offered by parents to run after a ball. The passion for the round ball being innate, Saintis already participated in football matches from primary school.  Nevertheless, a girl playing football was not very welcomed by her family, who always reminded her that football is not for girls. A setback that delayed her emergence.

wochie saintis
Wochie Saintis (left) with mates

However, #herhomeadvantage was not that far away. Her uncle, at the time, employee in a brewing company in Douala saw in her what other members of the family could not see and boosted her in the realization of her dream while in secondary school.

“My very first boot, was a total 90. It was he who bought it to me, I remember it well. The balls I used, he gave them to me. He believed in it. When I was in need, he was always there to listen and advice. His death shocked me because I saw my dream dying out. It took time as I had to take a step back before coming back into football, “recalls Saintis with a lot of emotions.

The faith infused by her uncle who stood as  #herhomeadvantage has guided Saintis to continue believing in her dream of becoming a footballer. A trilingual graduate from the University of Dschang, the passion for football was above all else.

This is how Saintis continued her football career with a first successful top flight championship test at Renaissance Women FC of Guider. A great individual season that opened the doors of Caiman ladies football Club.

Wochie Saintis and Caiman have not lost a single match since the return phase of the ongoing championship, challenging league leaders AS Awa FC in a late match day 15th game (1-1).

Wochie Saintis (second below from left) with Caïman Football ladies of Douala

It often takes is a little encouragement to see a lass make her dreams come true. Are you the home advantage of a woman around you? Say it in the comment section.


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