Guiness Super League: Bernadette Mayegue strikes, As Ebolowa FC leapfrog Caiman

FC Ebolowa picked up precious points on the road against Caiman, in a game of two halves. Caiman controlled the first half but didn't really make good use, while FC Ebolowa picked their moment and made it count.

FC Ebolowa have picked up maximum away points on the Re – start of the Guiness women’s Super League, in a game worth the tail. Here’s how it happened;

At the 16 minutes Nicole Nana’s ball up top caused some problems for goalkeeper Pauline Ayangma before Edjangue Siliki put a boot through to knock it out of harms way.

On 31, Raissa mbappe went round the goalkeeper and side footed what seemed to be a goal on her return, until Edjangue Siliki came around to save her team again.

Two minutes later, Endalle Emilienne took the ball daringly to Ebolowa FC’s half, but lost it from a glorious position after trying to drop the shoulders against Bella Louise, instead of going for goal first time.

At the 37 minute the chances looked to be coming through in a flurry; from a corner, Christine Nyake’s shot from point blank range was stopped by goalkeeper Pauline Ayangma.

Three minutes to the pose, Endalle was making a nuisance of her self before Ebolowa FC’s Bella Louise came in on her like a truck. A free kick was handed to Dipepa, and her eventual shot wasn’t far off Ayangma’s post.

Bernadette Rayna was looking revived prolly after the coaches half time pet talk as FC Ebolowa showed more hustle in the final third.

Bernadette eventually got her goal goal at the 58 minute, after Caiman Filles went to sleep at the back. It was a perfectly crafted goal, finished by a blinding header from Bernadette Meyegue.

From the hour mark right down the 90, the game was a little docile with more of physicality from the both sides. Ebolowa FC therein stood the test of time to take the three points away from home

GK Diane Bayegla
Nicole Nana
Charlene Famwa
Eliane Pamela
Jecpaire Dipepa
Helene Seh
Emilienne Endalle
Nyake Dina
Raissa Mbappe

Formation 4-2-3-1

Coach: Tatiana Epara

Ebolowa FC
Pauline Charlotte
Augustine Edjangue
Bella Louise
Balbine Laura
Estelle Yanga
Roukayatou Montah
Hermine Nkonda
Ange Moko
Sophie Fa’a
Bernadette Rayna
Annie Felicia

Formation 3-5-2

Coach: Eddie Nomo

FC Ebolowa thereby moves to 10 points (level with Caiman after 7 match days. The remainder of matches follow next weekend.


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