Guinness Cameroun launches #HerHomeAdvantage campaign

Guinness Cameroon launches new campaign empowering women to shine bright

This campaign will ignite conversations between generations up and down the country on how we can unlock the future of every Cameroonian woman.

#HerHomeAdvantage. Working with football icon and family elder Roger Milla, as well as current Lioness and international football star Ajara Nchout, Guinness will inspire families, elders, and communities to supercharge their support for the young women in their teams and become #HerHomeAdvantage.

Guinness, name sponsor of Cameroon’s women football has been at the heart of Cameroonian life for generations, supporting communities and unlocking the bubbling talent that this country is known for.
Speaking through a short film projected on the launching of the #HerHomeAdvantage, Ange Bawou, indomitable lionesses goalkeeper declared “Guinness has come like Christ to save women football in Cameroon”.

Already across the nation there are multiple examples of strong and successful women who are forging ahead in their respective careers as businesswomen, scientists, politicians and much more.

Guinness believes that every Cameroonian, man or woman, can shine bright and realise their dreams if they are given the right support, which starts at home from family and friends. #HerHomeAdvantage.

The short film featuring Jacqueline Nsim, tells the story of a girl following her dream to be a professional footballer and how, with the support of her mother, she is now even more determined to realise that dream.

Guinness has a long history of supporting football and footballers, bringing the most incredible experiences to Cameroonian fans.

Everyone is invited to have their say as Guinness ignites debates across media, online and in homes. Guinness Facebook page for more details and have your say about #HerHomeAdvantage.


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