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Guinness Super League: 5 things you might not know about Abega Bengono Berthe Renette

At 19, the AS AWA FC midfielder and rightback is one of the revelations of this season.

1) Well-guided beginnings

Renette Abega arrived in the world of football as early as at 8, well surrounded and supported by her pairs. Unlike some families who refuse to see their daughters play football, Abega has been fortunate that her family has instead been a catalyst in her passion for football, especially her mother who stands as #herhomeadvantage.

“I had my neighbours, my senior brother, my father … my family in fact supported me; this support was in the form of the purchase of football kits and encouragement. Everyone supported me. I lacked nothing”, affirms Renette Abega.

2) Her mom, #herhomeadvantage

More than all, Renette Abega had the unwavering support of Mrs. Bengono, her mother and protector who paved the way for a good football career.

“It was my mother who suggested to my big brother who is a footballer (Essama Bengono Ismaël, player of Panthere FC du Nde in the elite one championship) to train me. She wanted me to start playing football. With a good knowledge of football kits, she would go to the market and buy them for me. “

Essama Bengono and Renette Abega Bengono

This family support has been determinant in her development, and she intends to give it back in the future.

“It would be a big dream for my mother, a success, a source of pride to see me become a professional footballer. I would also like to show and prove to her that all her sacrifices did not go in vain. Her encouragement has always given me the strength, the courage to move forward so that I can be stronger than what I am today.

3) At 19, Renette Abega has already worn 3 different jerseys

In 2015, she was one of the first girls to play for AWA FC in the 2nd division wearing the famous jersey number 14 which was offered to her by Biyick Jacques, the club’s secretary general, to core up with her namesake of the legendary “Doctor Abega” of Canon. She will later move over to Eclaire FF of Sa’a where she will spend 3 years. After a detour at Canon FF in 2020, Renette Abega makes a triumphant return this season (21 games played out of 21) with AWA who are firmly seated are at the top of  the Guinness Super League standings with 53 points, and one day to go for the end of the championship.

Renette Abega with the famous jersey N°14 (photo credit: AS AWA FC)

4) Top goal scorer on set pieces

Renette Abega has one of the most powerful strikes of the Guinness Super League championship. The club’s second-best scorer behind Brenda Tabe, has already scored 8 goals this season (5 free kicks, 1 penalty, a header and a 35m distant strike).

5) The dream of turning professional

Like many young girl with the love for football, Renette Abega intends to walk in the footsteps of her elders in the like of Njoya Ajara to pursue her dream of becoming a professional footballer.

“My dream is to one day become a professional. I work on it every day. I really intend to work hard and be able to make my mom proud of me and proud of all that she has always been able to sacrifice for me”.

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