Cameroon Women Elite Championship

Guinness Super League: Kick off Date for 2020/21 Seaaon now Known.

The 2020/21 women’s top flight championship will kick off on Saturday November 14, 2020 at the Bepanda Annex stadium at 3:30pm.

The league that was to start in September was postponed to allow clubs better prepare for the new season.

The dream have finally come through as the league body announced the start of the new women’s top flight championship to begin on Saturday November 14, 2020.

The season opener will see Caiman Filles of Douala to clash with Canon Filles of Yaounde at the Bebanda annex Stadium in Douala at 3:30pm.

It should be noted that this is the second conservative season Canon is playing the season opener.  They beat Vision Sport 5-2 in last season’s opener.

Key innovations for Women’s football this season. 

-Guinness Cameroon will be the main sponsors of the Cameroon Women’s  top flight Championship and will take charge of salaries of players.

-State media, CRTV will broadcast the matches of this season’s top flight championship.

-Second tier clubs will also benefit from the financial support.

-There will be the creation of awards at the end of the season to encourage the different actors and give bonuses at the end of every match.

-Division one and two championships will be played in the interval of approximately two weeks.

It should be noted that Saturday’s game will be broadcast live by the state media,  CRTV.

This initiative by stakeholders of Women’s football in the country is coming at a time when FIFA and CAF are making strives towards ensuring the growth of Women’s football in the globe.


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