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Guinness Super League: Top 9 Major Changes Announced For Next Season

As an official sponsor of the #GuinnessSuperLeague, Guinness Cameroun has the ambition to build the right ecosystem that will allow Cameroon win the World Cup in the next ten years.

Cameroon’s women top-tier championship, the Guinness Super League drew down the season’s curtains with an award ceremony organized by its main sponsor, Guinness Cameroon.
In the aftermath of that ceremony, Guinness Cameroon is planning to take the women championship to another level through an increase in its investment that will go a long way to foster women football in Cameroon and put the footballer in the centre of attraction.

These are the major 9 innovations for next season:

  1. Subsidization of 2 million FCFA for clubs of the South of Cameroon and 2,500,000 FCFA for clubs of the North and North-West.
  2. The champion and the two vice champions will share the sum of two million francs.
  3. The player’s stipends will now be doubled as each player will be earning 50,000 FCFA
  4. The best player of each Guinnessico (Top match of the day) will receive 50,000 FCFA
  5.  At the awards, in addition to the current five categories, Guinness will sponsor the best digital team in the championship.
  6. Next January, together with the Women football league and Fecafoot, a national competition for the design and production of the #GuinnessSuperLeague trophy and those for the awards will be launch.
  7. The most disciplined clubs will be rewarded at every quarter
  8. Guinness Cameroon wishes to attract more female journalists to take an interest in women’s football through a dedicated program.
  9. Guinness Cameroon has made a commitment for the next five seasons and are counting on the media and fans to promote everything that is done in the stadiums.



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