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Guinness Women’s Super League: FECAFOOT Ties Knot With Brewery Juggernauts

Giovanni Wanneh,

On the eve of the start of the Cameroon Women’s League, now baptized the Guinness Women’s Super league, brewery company Guinness, have completed her partnership with FECAFOOT.

The two parties have carved a deal for an undisclosed period and fee, as stipulated on their signature clause.

Cameroon’s FA president in sheer delight, had this to say to the football loving public in his speech.

FA president’s speech;

Friday the 13th for the is definitely not a day of gloom and doom. This Friday 13 November 2020 is a historic day, one that we mark with a white stone because it is unheard of in our football history. Today, the women’s football is signing a sponsoring partnership with a great brand, a brand well known to Cameroonians: Guinness. Cameroon’s women’s first division football championship will be known as the Guinness Super League for the duration of the partnership. Women’s football thus confirms its amazing profession and its conquering march towards the victorious destiny ahead of her.

Yes, FECAFOOT stakes its bets on women’s football. Together with FIFA, we believe it to be one of the major sporting events of this century. This is why the football season in Cameroon will be launched for the second consecutive year with a women’s football match broadcasted live on television. It is not just about gender or positive discrimination. There is no leniency or paternalism in relying on women’s football. It is a winning choice, one that will enable a Federation to grab all the possibilities and opportunities that women’s football will generate in the forthcoming years.

It may seem obvious but broadcasting a women’s football match on television was hardly imaginable a few years back. Back then, women’s football was marginalized and was sustained by the steadfast faith of a few devotees who kept believing that it would soon be time for female players to shine. Wherever he is, Atangana Louis de Gonzague is certainly proud to see his dream come true. Over the years, women’s football has moved up the ladder towards fame thanks to the performances and the talents of female players, becoming an interesting product for sponsors nowadays.

Of course, I would like to mention the honorable participations of our women’s national teams at international competitions both in Africa and worldwide. I am referring to the stardom of such iconic players like Gaëlle Enganamouit, Aboudi Onguené and Nchout Ajara just to name a few, who have become true icons and role models for the youth. It is worth recalling that the Indomitable Lionesses are currently holding the title of best African team awarded by the Confederation of African Football. Other beautiful pages are yet to be written as CAF has just decided to put in place a Champion’s League of women’s football clubs. Cameroon will certainly play its card during this continental challenge.
Ladies and Gentlemen,
I would like to congratulate Guinness for being the first to sniff out the potential of this part of our football. Because behind the 300 players involved the Guinness Super League there are thousands of other elite aspiring female players, and a huge audience and spectators whose numbers keep increasing in the stadiums and in front of television sets as years go by.
Above all, I would like to thank you for getting committed, in your role as a citizen company to an activity that will help improve the living standards, working conditions and remuneration of the players. Today we are laying the foundations for the imminent and unavoidable professionalization of women’s football. Our long-term objective is to set up the modalities for a dignified and profitable practice of the women’s football profession.
A bright future awaits our partnership. In this respect, FECAFOOT on its part, shall strive to meet the current and future challenges. FECAFOOT is pleased to have a very prestigious partner whose passion for football is well established.

Quizzed on why the contract details are undisclosed, Andrew Ross, Guinness’ General Manager had this to say;

‘The contract between the Women’s Football league and Guinness Cameroon is confidential, and we cannot spell out the amount to the public.

‘It is a contract to accompany Women’s football, and the players will receive stipends. We cannot say more,’ Andrew Ross ended.

The Guinness Women’s Super League kicks off with a game pitting 2019 Cameroon Cup beaten finalists Caiman, against Canon on Saturday 14, at the Bepanda Annex Stadium.


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