How To Rescue, Maintain Cameroon’s Football Image?

By Etienne Mainimo, Sports Writer 

Football, considered king sport in Cameroon for some time now have not given actors and fans the excitement that they deserve.

Most matches in the country have ended up in offices and in courtrooms rather than in pitches. While the country’s football departments has their own problems to deal with, reputed clubs are known for spending most of their time fighting over who is legitimate to play in the championship.

Even when the championship succeed to starts, one is not sure whether it will sail through to the end. Sometimes, financial mishaps mar the whole situation as most clubs because of the lack of individual sponsors depends on state subvention.

The sector has witnessed different normalization committees over the years but it seems no solution has been produce.

The Normalization Committee is supposed to be in the process of reforming football governance, but they have not gone far enough with standards falling far short of those expected.

As in the past years, the beginning of the championship has remained a miracle where “juju” houses need to be consulted before the kick off is taken.

The stand off between the League and FECAFOOT has taken a different dimension with the two parties confusing actors on which direction to take.
Embezzlement, greed, politics and mafia have engulfed the sector leaving actors to stay on their own.

In the same series:

In that line, one can’t be indifferent to say that, these problems, year in, year out have brought untold pain in the country.

Domestic football is in decline, attendance in the stadiums has falling woefully and the quality of football is not very impressive as more is handled in offices and in courtrooms.

To save our football from these crises, selfishness, greediness and those who think only of themselves should give way or resign as the case may be and go far with their unwanted altitudes.

Nevertheless, football authorities in the country need to mask themselves with the so much patriotism and love for fatherland which they have been preaching.

They need to bury their difference and let Cameroonians start enjoying their much cherish game.

PWD champions of Cameroon need a running championship to better prepare for the continental inter-club competition

There is a need for a complete overhaul, restructured and reconstructed footballing platform in the country.

At the grassroots level, more objectives that are rigorous should be taken to ensure that the sector is vibrant.

Follow up from the grassroots to the senior level should be strictly followed.

Truly, money is needed to develop the game however but lack of control over the revenues and profit motives tend to damage local talent and support for the game.

Most importantly, there is need for a laborious national plan that will put emphasis on redistribution of resources to the sport at the grassroots level so that the game will continue to thrive.

From the grassroots level, a yearly operational plan as well as a four-year strategic plan should be inscribe and must take into account the national vision.

This plan should be from broad consultation with key and major stakeholders and only a dynamic selfless leadership with vision and energy should be positioned to handle the plan.

Like best practices elsewhere in the world, all teams in the top tier league should woo in sponsors and adopt academies, providing corresponding training facilities, pitches, coaches and physiotherapists.

The mission here is to retain football as the largest and most popular sport in Cameroon.

Long-term projects should be encouraged.
However, criticism must be among us because acknowledging our failures and preparing should be a matter of urgency to monitor and scrutinize the appointment and keep a watchful eye over the suitability of officials.

Besides all, more than 50 percent of the clubs should be owned and controlled by their supporters.

This will help to eradicate the powers of the investor who never would care for the wellbeing of the entire team but only for his profits through player transfers and subventions. This will also help to save teams who usually decent to inferior leagues and never rise again.


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