I am obliged to do my best in the final tomorrow-Rene Mokette Of LIFCA.

South West Regional mini inter pools.

A pre match press conference was held today at the conference room of the Limbe Centenary ahead of the mini inter pools final between Limbe Football Club Association and Best Stars Academy. 

The two teams had to be represented by the coach and two other players. Rene Akoti Mokete and Elombo Frederic represented LIFCA.

Speaking to the media,  Rene Mokette highlighted, he is obliged to give his all in the final.

“I played in so many clubs in the elite and the experience I have, I am obliged to do my best in the final of tomorrow.  Well it’s just a game. Just like the coach said, we are coming to represent LIFCA, it’s not a great challenge,  it’s a normal game and it’s football”, he told the media. 

Rene was part of the Best Stars team during the 2014/15 season and played the national inter pools that year with the lights of Indomitable Lions midfielder Kunde Malong in that team.

He has so far scored 3 goals plus five assists this season, and will be a key player to watch for Augustine Chopou’s side in the final.


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