“I Took it for Aspirin,” Andre Onana to his defence

Cameroonian shot – stopper Andre Onana, to his defense, has said he hadn’t any intention of cheating when he took a Lasimac, thinking it was Aspirin.

Here is an official statement released by the 24 year old after UEFA’s ban;

Hello everyone. I wanted to inform you all that the UEFA appeals body has imposed a 12 month ban on me, with immediate effect, for having tested positive in an anti – doping control, carried out in October 2020. I just want to clarify that everything was a result of a human mistake. I mistook a medicine containing a substance banned by WADA for a simple aspirin. The medicine was prescribed to my girlfriend and I mistakenly took it for an aspirin because the packaging was almost identical, which I greatly regret.

I have to say that I respect the UEFA Appeals Body, but I do not share their decision in this case. I consider it excessive and disproportionate as it has been acknowledged by UEFA that it was a Unintentional mistake.

Everyone knows that I lead a very healthy life, and since I started my sporting career, I have always been strongly against any use of doping and I condemn any unsportsmanlike conduct.

I am 24 years old and during the last seasons I have been lucky enough to play almost every minute, both for Ajax and for my national team, being named the best goalkeeper in Holland for the last four years and in Africa for the last three years. I want to say that I have no need to resort to doping to further enhance my sporting career.

I will appeal the decision before the Court Of Arbitration For Sports (CAS) to improve my innocence and clear my name.

I hope to be back on the pitch soon to do what I love and help my teammates. I would like to thank Ajax and Cameroon for their support and confidence in me.

For those closer to the Barcelona Academy graduate, he will put his career in jeopardy, knowing the consequences of cheating. More so, Onana has been unerring for club and country as emphasized on his statement regarding the issue. There is no need indeed ”resorting” to drugs to impress.


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