I will keep giving my best for the well-being of our team” Ivan Mvondo Olama”

Ivan Mvondo Olama distinguished himself during Sunday’s outing when his team ( Apejes of Mfou) played against Bamboutos FC of Mbouda.

The lad was seen apparently in all moves that contributed to any  danger that could push their team find the back of the net. His vitality and vivacity and also the good sense of mastering the opponent did not go unnoticed.

You were conspicuous in almost relevant actions, what motivation ? 

Our coach gave us all the necessary techincs on how to confront our rival.  Personally I took them with a lot  attention and that is why I was fully engaged in the game . At my young age,  I really want to make a  name I’m the selection,  because it is not every day that a younger player can be given a chance to play such a difficult match .

A draw in Yaounde against Bamboutos, any worry as man of the match ? 

Bamboutos Fc  was not an easy rival and we also respected them.  I think we will comfortable with a draw than it were a defeat at home.

What aspirations for upcoming games ? 

I will keep giving my best for the well-being of our team. That’s because every playing day is very important for us.  We need to gather sufficient points that can enable us have a comfortable position on the table.

Ivan Mvondo olama was speaking to shortly after they played a one all draw against bamboutos FC of Mbouda at the Yaounde military stadium.


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