Yusuf Bakhresa | The Leader of Azam Modern Empire in Africa

In approach to the new powers of African football , we found it a must to have a deep analytic look on the new Tanzanian pole Azam Fc.

Azam Fc

Yusuf Bakhresa is the name behind the new brand of Azam FC , as an uprising football power in the land of Taefa Stars , not only for directing the Tanzanian outfits , but originally for directing the Azam holding group which made a magical touch for the whole tanzanian league by sponsoring the whole league with a historical deal signed with TFF for $150 million usd

Mr. Yusuf Bakhresa – Azam FC Owner

The deal that took the tanzanian league to a higher level of development , including Simba & Yanga the direct competitors of Azam FC .. Which is a clear proof that Bakhresa’s main goal is the promotion of tanzanian football in general , not only for his own club !

For a deeper look into Azam FC type of management , we found that their new season preparations are telling a promising story to come ..

Azam FC Signed Comors GK Ali Ahmada

This Season Azam FC has Signed

-Winger – Kipre Zunon Jr (A former Boardeaux and Asec Mimosas Player)

-Defensive Midfield- Isah Aliyu Ndala from Plateau (Former Servan Player from armenian league)

-James Akaminko- A player that scouted by Mamelodi Sundowns ata Medeama and wanted by Other Top Clubs in Ghana.

-Ali Ahamada (A Former Legue 1 Player, Who played with Rafael Varane,Antoine Griezman and Alexander lacazette during France U-20). But played In Touluse for more than 4 seasons.

-Tape Edigno, Best Midfielder in Ivorian Premier league and he is nominated in the best X11 of the season.

-A Goalkeeping coach – Dani Cadena, Former Sevilla and Real Betis GK Coach.

Mr. Bakhresa & Mr. Popat Signing the player Akaminko

Besides the stable administration of the club under Chairman Idriss Nassir, CEO Abdulkareem Popat and the Head of Communication and Media Manager Thabit Zakaria Zakazi

Moreover, Azam FC made their decision to hold their preseason preparation camp in Egypt’s coastal resort EL GOUNA , where they are leveling up to the new season campaign with rivals of top egyptian teams.

So, as we believe , Mr. Bakhresa has put an eye on the tanzanian trophy , even more on the continental side as a CAF confederation cup participant … why not further !!

Mr. Yusuf Bakhresa “Empror of Azam Empire of Business”

Away from football industry investments , we can find a whole empire of business led by Mr. Bakhresa , where he is the Managing Director of Azam Media Limited and is a director in the Group Companies. He is actively involved in the day to day operations of Bakhresa food products Ltd

Mr. Bakhresa with Bongo Movie Staff

And here we have to mention that his signings are not less than football ones; Azam Media Limited is under CEO Tido Mhando and Deputy Patrick Kahemele is working in harmony with young generation of sports media experts like Gift Macha and Abdulkadir Qudabash, they achieve continues success reaching 500million+ audience volume in east, west and central Africa regions and writing the new empire’s own history under the leadership of the emperor Yusuf Bakhresa ….

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