Legends in Rwanda: Organizing Commission Sets The Ball Rolling


From October 2022 to 2023, Legends in Rwanda embarks on a world tour with the following objectives:
Promote the 2024 Veteran World Cup Championship (VCWC) to ensure a global audience.
Mobilize the Rwandan and African Diaspora to be part of the celebration. Promote the Visit Rwanda campaign.
Recruit business, institutional, operational and media partners.

It was in this light that the head of the organization Mr, Fred Siewe on the evening of Friday 16th December 2022 at the kempiski hotel in Doha ( Qatar) launched the international campaign to promote the veteran club world championship (VCWC) and set the ball rolling. Among the dignitaries present was the president of the Cameroon football federation Samuel Eto’o in attendance.

The competition which is set to commence in May 2024 is expected to bring together Football legends and veterans from around the world will be in Rwanda for Veteran Clubs World Championship (VCWC 2024). This event will involve two main activities, a tournament with will bring together 8 teams of 150 football veterans of over 40 nationalities with a total of 20 games to be played and secondly a forum to contribute on sustainable development through peace, education, technology, investment and tourism.

The first edition shall be hosted by Rwanda in Kigali which was achieved through a memorandum of understanding between the international veterans football federation and the Rwandan football federation signed to host the championship from the 6th of may 2024, The head of the international veterans football accompanied by Jesse Carlton Happy Ndongo, Director general of EASYGROUP and Nicole Ansoni, founder and CEO of THE ANSONI GROUP and vice president of VCWC BUSINESS CLUB in charge of tourism laid the foundation stone for the veteran world club championship.

The completion shall be played for a period of two weeks and it is said to mobilize Rwandans and those in the Diaspora, Fecafoot president Samuel Etoo lauded the project and was given a mission to connect with FIFA president Giani Infantino to accompany this massive adventure. Many African stars have already accepted and signaled their participation to contribute to the project and bring a shining light to veteran football in Africa and the world at large.

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