‘You’d have to be an idiot to come here – but I am’: Warnock on Huddersfield job | Neil Warnock

His Are You With Me? live shows are still booked for May and June, taking in dates in Portsmouth, London, Scunthorpe and Nottingham, but at 74 Neil Warnock is back in football management with Huddersfield.

“It’s a great challenge really,” he said. “I always thought if I came back in it’d be the end of February. I only want to work 10 weeks a year, if I’m honest, and it was always going to be a club I love like Huddersfield, QPR or Cardiff.”

Warnock returned to West Yorkshire on the say-so of his wife: “In this particular case Sharon said: ‘They need some help, why don’t…

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