UEFA Champions League Finals Corner: Rio Ferdinand claims that former Man City star exudes “smugness.”

Joleon Lescott, Mario Balotelli, Cesc Fabregas and Rio Ferdinand
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In a well-known jab at Man Utd supporters, Rio Ferdinand claims that the former Man City star exudes “smugness.”
throughout BT Sport’s coverage of the Champions League final, Rio Ferdinand didn’t like being “surrounded by City players” and said one of them had “smugness coming out of his pores” throughout the build-up.

In Istanbul, Rodri’s goal was sufficient for Real Madrid to defeat Inter Milan and win the Champions League for the first time, completing the Triple.

Joleon Lescott and Mario Balotelli, two ex-City players, joined Ferdinand on BT Sport, along with neutral commentator Cesc Fabregas.

Before the game, Ferdinand first acknowledged that spending time with Balotelli, who was making his first appearance as a pundit, had been difficult for him as a United great, before expressing his support for City.

To be really honest with you, I’ve had to put up with this guy [Balotelli] for the past few days. Smugness has been oozing out of his pores like electricity.


“Good luck to him, but if City wins this game, I don’t think we’ll be drinking drinks later; I’m going to bed now, he can have fun.

“If these players can cross the finish line, greatness is waiting for them. I admire this team because I’m from the Man United side of town. I’ve stated that repeatedly in the weeks leading up to this game because of the fantastic kind of football they play.

Lescott then made a well-known jab at Manchester United supporters, stating that because Ferdinand and other Red Devils supporters reside outside of Manchester, they wouldn’t face as much backlash following a victory for City.


Lescott said: “If it is a negative outcome I’ll have to suffer more because I live in the city and I’m around a lot of fans from both teams. Rio, like most Man Utd fans, live down south so he’s away from the parade and all that stuff anyway.”

BT presenter Jake Humphrey said to Ferdinand: “No comeback?”

To which Ferdinand replied: “No. I’m surrounded by City players, City fans all over the place. It’s doing my head in.”

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