Women’s World Cup: Portugal v Vietnam – live | Women’s World Cup 2023

Key events

Earlier today in this group …

Starting lineups

Portugal (4-3-3): Morais; Alves, Marchao, C Costa, Seica; Jacinto, T Pinto, Nazareth; Borges, Silva, Encarnacao

Subs: Pereira, R Costa, Amado; Rebelo, Rute, Norton, F Pinto, Dolores Silva, Diana Silva, Mendes, Capeta

Vietnam (4-5-1): Thi Kim Thanh Tran; Thi Thu Thuong Luong, Thi Thu Tran, Thi Loan Hoang, Thi Diem My Le, Thi Thu Thao Tran; Thi Thao Thai, Thi Van Duong, Thi Thanh Nha Nguyen, Thi Bich Thuy Nguyen; Nhu Huynh

Subs: Thi Kieu Oanh Dao, Thi Hang Không, Thi Kiểu…

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