1XBET launches E HUB in Yaounde

The numer one betting company in Cameroon has embarked on a socio- economic projet to boost local entrepreneuship through the 1XBet e Hub project.

The launch of 1XBET E HUB, a platform dedicated to talented Cameroonian entrepreneurs, is a significant step towards contributing to the development of this nation. By focusing on key areas such as agriculture, education, innovative technology, and climate, 1XBET is addressing crucial sectors that have the potential to drive economic growth. Providing not only opportunities but also resources and visibility to these entrepreneurs is essential for their success.

It is inspiring to see a company that believes in shared prosperity and is committed to supporting local champions in Cameroon with a commendable vision to create opportunities for entrepreneurship while fostering innovation . When dreams are transformed into reality, it benefits everyone involved.


It is impressive to note that this program aims to strengthen the entrepreneurial ecosystem and stimulate economic growth through 40 innovative projects. The impact of these initiatives will be felt in local communities, leading to more job opportunities and an improved quality of life. This commitment to making a difference is truly commendable.

In his opening allocation, the general Manager of 1XBET made an public call to join the project.

“I would like to extend my support to this initiative and encourage other entrepreneurs, mentors, investors, and engaged citizens to join as well. It is only by working together that we can achieve this vision and turn dreams into reality. ”

The objectives of the event are well-defined and align with the overall vision of 1XBET. Boosting the development of local entrepreneurship by offering talented entrepreneurs a platform to develop their innovative ideas is a commendable goal. Encouraging entrepreneurial innovation, supporting the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Cameroon, and providing technical and financial resources to startups are all essential steps towards achieving this objective.

The programme kicks off with a preperatory phase from October 6th to November 6th 2023 and later on with the “event phase” (27 november 2023 to 15 december 2023 and finally with the “post event phase” (1st january 2024 to 30 june 2024)

To find out about the different competitions and participate, a website is dedicated and accessible at the link
following: www.1xbetehub.com


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