Indomitable lions : Coaches in the past decade and where they came from.

The senior men’s national football selection of Cameroon alias ” The indomitable lions ” has had 9 trainers in the past 10 years including the newly recruit Portuguese born Toni Conceicao. 

In the space of Ten years, seven foreigners have headed Cameroon’s national outfit,  with France having two candidates.

Only two nationals have coached the indomitable lions in the past decade.

Below is a list of coaches that have headed the indomitable lions in the last ten years.

2009-2010: Paul Marie le Guen (French)

2010-2011: Javier Clemente (Spanish)

2011-2012: Denis lavagne( French)

2012-2013: Jean paul  Akono ( CMR)

2013-2015: Volke Finke ( German)

2015-2016: Alexandre Belinga ( CMR)

2016-2017: Hugo Broos ( Belgian)

2017-2019: Clarence Seedorf

2019-   : Toni Conceiçao

Belgian born Hugo Broos is the most successful among them,  having help the team to win the 2017 AFCON in Gabon. Since then the team has been limping , producing abysmal performances.  The latest being the pre mature exit at the 2019 nations cup in Egypt .




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