Intermediate Lions Share Spoils, Admits ‘Spoils’ In Ntongou Mpile’s Second Outing

Giovanni Wanneh,

Sports Writer

With the Intermediate Lions camp literally turned on its head; player – interchange and rumours of corrupt practices, coach Martin Ndtongou Mpile’s second outing ended on a one-all parity against Futoro of Mongomo on Wednesday.

It was the second friendly which the gaffer oversaw, the first being a three – one mauling of Canon Sportif.

Equatoguinean giants Futoro of Mongomo took the first half lead, before new – boy Atangana Amougou of AS Fortuna saved the intermediate Lions from potential embarrassment.

Ndtongou Mpile has started coming under stick himself, with reports from several media outlets indicating the gaffer’s callups is in exchange for money.

62-year-old Mpile has however stuck to his guns and made several decisions such as ousting; Ebongue Yannick, Dooh Moukoko, Banbe Thierry, Ebene Jacques, Henri Belle and Arno Ndzana. In place of those absent, the trainer has called up others.

The dust is still unsettled in the camp. Cameroon is left with just 72 days to go before welcoming 15 others for the African Nations Championship.


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