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Jose Mourinho reveals why managing Tottenham is better than working for Manchester United, Chelsea, Real Madrid

Tottenham Hotspur’s new head coach Jose Mourinho has revealed that his current job at the White Hart Lane, is much better than his previous roles as a manager at clubs like Manchester United, Chelsea and Real Madrid.

“I’m so happy here that I couldn’t even think about the possibility to go to another place,” Mourinho was quoted as saying by Express.

“You can put now in front of me any club in the world, I would not move.”

“The facilities in this one are the best I’ve ever seen and I’ve been to big clubs. It’s not like I arrive here from small clubs and think: ‘Wow.’

“I’ve been in big, big clubs with very good conditions. Chelsea, very good conditions, [Manchester] United the same, [Real] Madrid, the same, Inter [Milan] the same.”

“It’s not like I’ve been in bad conditions but here it’s fantastic. The stadium is brand new and is the best stadium in the world,” he further added.

“You know how much I like the Premier League, that’s the first point. You go back to Porto, my first opportunity to leave my country I had lots of options. It was from England.”

“I was in Real Madrid, probably the dream club for the majority of us. I left Real Madrid to come to the premier league. Now, I stayed in the Premier League which I always say is my natural habitat. So many years I like it a lot. So that is a point.”

“The second point is this club. You know what the club is showing me. The vision they have for the future and everything they are as a club in terms of structure organisation, feelings, a big club but with a concept of a family, working together with people. See them every day,” Mourinho concluded.


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