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Kenyan Premier League to benefit from La Liga Partnership.

The local league stakeholders are set to benefit from a partnership between the body mandated to run the league Kenyan Premier League and Spanish counterparts La Liga.

As part of the deal between the two sides KPL coaches, administrators and the KPL U20 are looking forward to benefit from exchange programs that shall see an under 20 select play a couple of matches in Spain.

The three year deal which shall also see La Liga have their technical support team on the ground to help popularise the local league and also see to it that it becomes more professional as opposed to now.

Local fans were also not left out as the premera liga division shall have screens set up across different parts of the city and its environs, so that the local fans can enjoy live games as way to promote the La Liga and help market it.

While speaking during the launch, Kenya Premier League CEO  Jack Oguda stated that he was happy that the two sides have signed a deal that shall have the local league popularized in Spain and help have the Spanish fans follow it.

La Liga professionals shall also assist the league management on ways to get better tv broadcasting rights and benefit from such.


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