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Latest FIFA Coca-Cola Rankings: Cameroon Drop 4 Places.

Cameroon drops four places in the latest FIFA Coca-Cola Rankings.

The FIFA Coca-Cola Rankings for the month of September have been published with Cameroon dropping four places ie from 54 to 58 and in Africa, from 8th to 9th. 

The first two matches of the FIFA World Cup Qualifiers were played early this month and the outcome of the games greatly affected the rankings of most African nations.

Cameroon played two World Cup Qualifying matches during the just ended international break which they had a win against Malawi and a defeat to the Ivory coast,  recording 3 points in two matches.

This affected their position in the rankings both in Africa and the world.  In Africa,  they dropped from 8th to 9th, and in the World,  they dropped from 54th to 58th.

Senegal continues their dominance as the top ranked nation in the continent, closely followed by Tunisia.

Current African champions,  Algeria occupies third spot in Africa and the 30th in the world.

Africa’s Top 10 National Football Nations.

1. Senegal (20th in the World,  1555.37points)

2. Tunisia (25th in the world,  1526.87 points)

3. Algeria (30th in the world, 1498.62 points)

4. Morocco (33rd in the world,  1493.23 points)

5. Nigeria (34th in the world, 1492.37 points)

6. Egypt (48th in the world,  1434.62 points)

7. Ghana (53rd in the world,  1411.3 points)

8. Cote d’Ivoire (54th in the world,  1410.56 points)

9. Cameroon (58th in the world,  1404.46 points)

10. Mali (61st in the world,  1396.52 points)


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