LFPC – FECAFOOT: FIFA Says Period, As Battle Reaches Exclamation Point.

Giovanni Wanneh,

Sports Writer

Cameron’s Football Association (FECAFOOT), marshalled by her president Seidou Mbobo Njoya, has released a communique announcing the commencement of top-tier championships.

November 22 is the umpteenth selected date by FECAFOOT for the resumption of her championships; the federation hoping, this is her ‘third time lucky,’ after two abortive attempts in the past. The league was slatted for November 10, before being postponed to November 18, and then Sunday November 22, 2020.

FIFA via a communique has indicated a lot of interest, and wishes the ‘battle’ between FECAFOOT and her subordinate – LFPC comes to a standstill.

In a press release, Veron MOSENGO-OMBA asked the Cameroonian Football Federation to take the organization of the championship under its auspices.
The director of the member associations’ division made it clear that as “Supreme Authority of World football, it is our responsibility to remind you that at the end of its own statutes, FIFA must ensure that its members including FECAFOOT can exercise their right and their obligation to organize competitions ”.

An explanation which comes to testify and serve as proof if it was still needed that in Cameroon, only FECAFOOT organizes football.


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