LFPC – FECAFOOT: ‘Red Faced’ Fernandinho Makembe Speaks For Players

Giovanni Wanneh,

Sports Writer

Dragon Football Club defender Fernandinho Makembe in the midst of the LFPC / FECAFOOT brouhaha, has broken silence, and indeed spoken for the hundreds of so called footballers in Cameroon.

The former Tiko United man took time off to write a lengthy message on his Facebook handle that goes thus;

This is very frustrating. It is bad already having been for months close to a year without competitive football, it gets worse when the hierarchy decides to make football a political battle, depriving the Nation of football without taking into consideration the consequences of their actions….I speak bitterly because the level of Cameroon football keeps dropping each year due to these circumstances and at a most crucial period in Cameroon footballing history, where Cameroon is about hosting the CHAN and also AFCON competitions, we’ve decided to make a total disgrace of our nation all in the name of I don’t know…..Please Mr president and Mr General try to work together for the betterment of our country. Our football depends on you two, and the decisions you both take. Please 🙏🏽
Cameroun is PEACE. WORK. FATHERLAND….SPORTS (Football) brings peace and joy all over the world. Let’s start with our home Cameroon.

It is crystal clear that hundreds of footballers are feeling absolutely livid at this point. The power tussle between FECAFOOT and LFPC, has the players tossed from one end to the other.

Most recently, after FIFA called for peace, FECAFOOT and LFPC have both released two separate dates to run the league; November 21 (LFPC), November 22 – (FECAFOOT).


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