LFPC holds Extraordinary General Assembly, Validates Regulations for 2020_2021 season

Afeseh Apong,

Sports Writer

The Cameroon professional football league (LFPC), has met in an extraordinary general assembly this Tuesday. The assembly took place at the Mansel hotel in Yaoundé, under the command of the president of the LFPC, general Pierre Semengue.

Three main points made up the agenda for the extraordinary general assembly meeting;

The modification of point 4 of article 33 on the status of LFPC, the validation of the results of the Elite one and two Championships for the 2019_2020 season organized by FECAFOOT (The technical transitional committee), and the adoption of rules and regulations of the elite One championship for the 2020_2021 season.

20 of the 35 elite clubs in Cameroon answered present during the deliberations, namely;
Stade Renard, UMS of Loum, Colombe, New stars of Douala, Djiko FC of Bandjoun, Cotonsport of Garoua, Canon of yaounde, Panthere Sportive of Nde, AS Fortuna, Avion of Douala, Bamboutos FC of Mbouda, Fauve Azur Elite, OFTA of Kribi, FAP of Yaounde, Unisport, Lion Blessé, Léopard of Douala, Racing of Bafoussam, Aigle Royal of Menoua, and AS Matelots.

At the end of the over two hours meeting, the final communiqué was read out, as follows;

_Point 4 of article 33 on the status of the LFPC was modified. Candidatures for the post of board members, are supposed to be sent to the Secretariat of the LFPC at least 12 days before the date of the general assembly. The secretary General will inform the members and make the list officialized by the electoral commission at least 10 days before the date of the general assembly.
_In the interest of the nation and football in particular, the results of the elite One and two Championships for the 2019_2020 season were validated.
_the rules and regulations of the Championship for the 2020_2021 season were adopted.

Speaking to the press afterwards general Pierre Semengue said all the conditions are in place to kick start the 2020_2021 football season, with 21 clubs in the Elite one and 14 clubs in the Elite two.

Pierre Semengue speaking to the press after the extraordinary general assembly

He all disclosed that the ministry of finance on Monday evening authorised the disbursement of subventions to clubs, to permit them kick-off the season.

His vice who also doubles as president of New Stars, Faustin Domkeu said they will do everything possible for the league to start latest November 07, 2020.

Notably absence from the extraordinary General assembly, were PWD, YOSA, union, FONCHA Street, Renaissance, YAFOOT, Astres, Fovu, TKC, Dynamo of Douala, Ngoudere FC and Eding Sport.

The General assembly of the LFPC is scheduled for December 29, 2020, during which new board members will be voted to replace those who resigned and those who lost their legitimacy, following the relegation of their club’s to the regional league.


Afeseh Apong

Afeseh Apong is a graduate of the Advanced School of Mass Communication, ASMAC, and is currently Team press officer of PWD Bamenda

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