LFPC – Sycec – FECAFOOT: President Jules Famawa accuses Frank Happi of deceit and match fixing

An audio doing the rounds on social media, has President Jules Famawa of Panthere Sportive, accusing Union’s President Frank Happi of deceit and match fixing.

The audio gotten by courtesy a page tagged ‘Zambrotta Le king’, has Famawa bringing out unprecedented revelations.

‘Frank Happi spends his time to cheat on games so as gamble and win. The rest of club Presidents are all Mougou’s; (Pidgin – English used mostly in Nigeria, connected to fool or an act of fooling’) – editor’s pick.

‘This exactly is the reason why Frank Happi wants to take control of the championship by all cost. During one of our games in the Cup of Cameroon; Panthere vs Union, some whites with gambling institutes were seated close to him,’ Famawa ended.

The Cameroonian premier division is yet to kick-start, but no, it is not due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The minister of Sports and Physical Education Narcisse Mouelle Kombi had given his go ahead with a maximum of 200 persons, for sports in general and football in particular, to get underway.

Astonishingly, despite Cameroon designed hosts of the upcoming African Nations Championship, top football stakeholders have refused to wear the same thinking cap for the league’s resumption.

There has been three Extraordinary General Assemblies so far. FECAFOOT’s came up on
September 25, 2020. FECAFOOT wants the Technical Transitional Committee to have one more year, and good value for it. FECAFOOT boss Mbobo Njoya Seidou is on record to have said, he has tried all in his powers to bring peace, to no avail.

General Pierre Semengue and members of the professional league supposedly had theirs with over 20 club Presidents, agreeing to begin the league on November 1. The General wants to finish a year left on his mandate. Having won his case against FECAFOOT at the Court of Arbitration for Sports, there is no stopping him.

Only a day after (Thursday 29 Oct.) The Syndicate Of Club Presidents in an Extraordinary G.A. of theirs agreed to dissolve the Cameroon Professional league.

Cameroon’s professional league however, via a communique, has kept their November 1 kickoff date. Questions have kept on coming forth such as; with which money, officials or stadia
? Rhetoric.

FECAFOOT has communicated through a communique that her officials will all be busy for professional league opener, pitting Panthere against Cotonsport.

It is in the middle of this brouhaha that club Presidents on different camps have not just started going heads – on, but are equally taking shots at each other’s personality.


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