List of top scorers for Cameroon clubs in 2018

Goal scoring is one of the most difficult art in Football but this gentlemen have distinguished themselves in the art this calendar year.

1)Kamilou Daouda-21 goals(11 goals in the league one competition,7 cup of Cameroon goals and 3 CAF champions league goals for Cotonsport of Garoua.

2) Junior Rostand Mbai-20 goals(All goals in the top flight championship for Dragon of Yaounde)

3)Aime Gerard Mangolo-20 goals(All goals in the league two championship for Avion Nkam)

4)Marius Mouandilmadji-18 goals(All goals in the top flight championship for Cotonsport of Garoua)

5)Alain Roland Nandjou Nganle-16 goals(All goals scored in the the top flight Championship for New Stars of Douala)

CAF Competitions

In the CAF confederations cup and champions league,2018 hasn’t been a great year for Cameroonian clubs but this gentlemen have at least made efforts.

Ngongang is the top scoring Cameroonian, based in Cameroon in continental competition this year.

The 17 year old, New Stars of Douala forward have scored 7 goals in the CAF confederations cup this year;2 against Deportivo Niefang,4 against Vitalo FC,1 Al Ahly Tripoli.

Daouda Kamilou was Cotonsport’s top scorer in the CAF champions league when they got to the Champions league final in 2008.That season, he was the deputy top scorer in the Champions league with 8 goals, 10 years on this season he has scored 3 goals in 4 games. Kamilou is the all time top scorer of Cotonsport’s of Garoua with over 150 goals in all competitions.

1)Ngongang Figo Junior Nana-7 goals for New Stars of Douala.

2) Kamilou Daouda-3 goals for Cotonsport of Garoua

3)Moussa Kalamoun-1 goal for Cotonsport of Garoua

Zacharie Ndongo Foe-1 goal for Cotonsport of Garoua

Francis Maximilian Ebembe Elimbi-1 goal for Cotonsport of Garoua

Jean Nicolas Abanda Koa- 1 goal for UMS Loum

Most hat tricks in 2018

Marius Mouandilmadji x2 ;Stade Renard & Bamboutos FC

Alain Nandjou x2 ;Dragon & Apejes

Aime Mangolo x2 NUFC & NPB

Junior Rostand Mbai x1 YAFOOT & 4 Braces.

Marius Mouandilmadji scored against more opponents (12) than all strikers in the league and he was the first player to score a hat trick in the league in 2018.

Exceptionally, Junior Rostand Mbai has been included on this list because he scored 20 goals in the 2018 league one season and became the first player since the creation of LFPC to score 20 goals in a season.

Thanks for the support in 2018 and Angu Lesley wish you a better 2019 Football year.

“Our championship can only grow if we promote it”


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