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Manchester United star reveals Louis van Gaal’s emotional message to the players before getting sacked

Manchester United star Juan Mata has revealed what former manager Louis van Gaal told the players just before getting the sack from the club.

In his new book, Juan Mata: Suddenly A Footballer, the Spaniard revealed candid details about his time at Manchester United and how some of the club’s former players were with the players. While talking about Van Gaal, Mata highlighted how emotional the former Barcelona manager was.

He went on to reveal the Dutchman’s former message before he was sacked. Van Gaal was asked to step down from his position immediately after winning the FA Cup. Jose Mourinho had replaced the veteran manager.

“At the end of his time at the club, on his ‘farewell’, he let his emotional side take over and opened himself very honestly to us: ‘I don’t know if I’m going to be here next season, but I want to tell you anyway how proud I am of every single one of you. We fought together in adversity and we ended up lifting this special trophy. That is something that nobody will be able to change. Thank you to all of you’,” the Spaniard revealed in his new book as reported by Mirror.

“We had just won the FA Cup minutes earlier and he was saying ‘goodbye and good luck’. He handed out pieces of paper to each of us with our return date on it, as he had organised the pre-season for next July. We all knew this was a routine process, going through the motions, because there were already so many rumours of him being sacked.

“Only minutes after lifting the FA Cup trophy, they would end up being true.”


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