Mapinduzi cup day 5: Singida United and Young Africans debut with victories while Mwenge helds Simba to a tie


Singida United vs Zimamoto

Singuida United almost got trapped by Zimamoto in their entry match of the tournament.  Nevertheless,  the  3-2 score line comforts the boys of coach Hans Van Der Pluijm in their position of favourites.

Dominant in all domains throughout the 1st 45minutes, Singida United opened scores at the 8th minute by Deus David Kaseke after a series of beautiful passes which mesmerized the Zimamoto defence.  Dany Usengimmana doubled tally at the 22nd minute. (2-0)

Zimamoto was completely lost and it’s first shot on goal came in at the 29th minute. Progressively gaining in confidence, Zimamoto succeeded in reducing score at the 39th minute through Ibrahim Hamad Ahmada who succeeded a beautiful lob over goalkeeper Ally Mustapha . (2-1)

In the second half, Zimamoto, revived by its goal pushed forward and remained exposed at it’s defence. As a consequence, a fast rush by Singida United players led to their 3rd goal at the 82nd minute through Kiggi Makasi.

This didn’t discourage Zimamoto who again went for the goal and reduced the score gap with another super lob at the 85th minute, this time by Hakim Khamis Ali who came in as a substitute.

Singida United records its first victory of the tournament and will face Taifa in its next match to be played on Wednesday 3rd January 2018.

Simba vs Mwenge

Coming in as one of the tournament’s favorites, Simba didn’t wait long to make the difference in this match. Only 3 minutes into play, the Lions had strike through a cross header by Jamal Mwambeleko. (1-0). Their dominance seemed natural but were surprised at the 29th minute when Mohamed  Hussein of Mwenge blasted the equaliser with a powerful shot which goalkeeper Emanuel Mseja of Simba let rolled into the back of the net. At half time, Confidence was regained in the range of the Mwenge fans while little doubts rose on the faces of the Simba boys. Simba’s rush ahead in the second half will yield a number of chances at the 60th, 62nd and 80th minutes, but substitute John Bocco who came on the pitch at half time couldn’t materialise such opportunities into goals. Mwenge, conscious of their technical weaknesses left the game initiative of the game to mighty Simba and proceeded by counter attacks. They thus held on till the end of the match grabbing a precious point against one of the tournament’s favourites

Young Africans vs Mlandege

It was an easy debut for Young Africans who possessed the ball from kick off. An early goal through a perfect header from Juma Mahadhi at the 7th minute set the pace of the match. The two teams showed opposing styles during this last game of day 5 in group B. Young Africans taking their time in building their game actions while Mlandege proceeded with long balls trying to find the 1.90cm Ali Mkenya who caused much damage among the Young Africans defence line, winning air duels and knocking out Abdalla Haji Shaibu just after 2 minutes into play. Another defender Andrew Chikupe managed to get back into the game after also being challenged in an air duel by Ali Mkenya.

The long ball strategy didn’t seem to produce any goal opportunity after 45minutes, rather Young Africans were smarter in delivering a second goal by same striker Juma Mahadhi unmarked in the penalty box,(2-0).

In the second half, playing strategy changed for Mlandege with direct attacks on the opponents, giving way for agile and technical play. This resulted in scores reduction at the 48th minute by Omari Mikame. (2-1). Mlandenge accentuated pressure and as tension rose in the match, several players were booked with one red card for each team. The game ended with 10 players on both side and a victory for Young Africans.

Yong Africans secure their first victory and will face JKU on January 4th 2018. Mlandege on her part has one last match to play in group B as they will face Singida United on Friday January 5th 2018.


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