MTN Elite One: Day 9 games produced 18 goals from 9 games played over 2 days.

They were 4 home wins for YAFOOT FC, YOSA, Feutcheu FC, New Stars.

2 away wins were recorded by AS Fortuna and Cotonsport FC.

3 games ended in a virgin score.


David Dissono Ngono, Victor Nomo /Brandon Simon Mukete

Former Eding Sport FC forward David Dissono Ngono scored his first YAFOOT goal since after he joined the club at the beginning of this season.

Brandon Simon Mukete was on Target for Apejes despite their defeat and his latest goal took his season tally to 4 goals. Franky Junior made his debut for YAFOOT.


Thierry Roland Ngalle, Konyuy Jude/Marius Ngon A Tati(Pen).

Thierry Rolland Ngalle of YOSA

Thierry Roland’s goal Against Astres within 3 minutes of kick off is YOSA’s fastest goal this season and it set the club on her way to the 3rd victory this season. Konyuy Jude in his 4th spell at YOSA got his first goal. Konyuy is the club’s all time top scorer.

YOSA fans having the time of their lives even without Cameroon international Mbong Leonel

Marius Ngon got his 3rd Astres goal this campaign from the penalty spot.His goal against YOSA was his first since after he scored a brace in day 1 against Apejes of Mfou.


Franklin Nguea Tchebemou,Ashu Tambe Clevis,Richard Ebongue./ Frank Massoda.

Feutcheu FC of Djiko Bandjoun

Franklin Nguea Tchebemou scored his 2nd goal of the season against Aigle while Richard Ebongue netted for the 3rd time this season.
Forward Ashu Tambe was on Target for his 5th goal this campaign.He joins 2 other players Tamo Giresse Tinwo and Emmanuel Christian Nguidjol Bayemi all on 5 goals.


Nothing to retain on the pitch but the brillant performance of defender Legrand Thomas for Stade Renard and Arnold Djede of Unisport of Haut Nkam.



Kack Kack, Louis Ndongo, Mengue / Junior Rostand Mbai

Dragon staff and players facially disappointed


A goalkeeper’s show between Jean Efalla Konguep of Colombe and Gwot Kalati of Eding FC.

Thursday 22 March, 2018

Marius Mouandilmadji.

Marius Mouandilmadji , the man on fire for Cotonsports (3 goals in his last 3 games)

The young Chadian got his 5th goal the season and has now scored in the last 3 games Cotonsport have by 1 nil. UMS have failed to score in their last 3 games


Aristide Medjo,Rostand Moukap(pen)/Cyrille Arsene Fils Ndaney.

Aristide’s bullet drive in the first half to register his first goal of the season was canceled out by Cyrille Arsene Fils before the interval.

In the second half Bamboutos was enterprising but a moment of madness from the captain of Bamboutos, Yvan Djessi gave away a Penalty to New Stars after the defender elected to clear out a Ntone Valdo right sided cross with the use of his hand.Rostand Moukap took charge of things and scored the winner from the penalty spot.

Match day captain for New Stars, Bawak Etta reacts after the win against Bamboutos

Facts and Top Statistics about match day 9.

Magic numbers for this match day.

1) Cotonsport registered their first ever win in Loum since UMS got promoted to the first tier Cameroon football.

2) YOSA scored 2 goals in Bamenda against Astres.It was the first time the boys of Sango Doumbe Bosso scored 2 in a game.

3)Cotonsport won 1 nil for the 3rd consecutive game with Marius Mouandilmadji getting the lone goal in all 3 occasions.
Still 3 Cotonsport 1 nil win in Loum made Cotonsport the first team to win 3 games in a streak this season.

4)New Stars ended their run of 4 consecutive defeat with a 2-1 win over Bamboutos

5)Ashu Tambe and Marius Mouandilmadji scored their fifth goal of the season for Feutcheu FC and Cotonsport respectively. 4 players are now on 5 goals,The aforementioned plus Tamo Giresse Tinwo of Stade Renard and Emmanuel Christian Nguidjol Bayemi of Eding Sport FC.

6) Represent the number of games Dragon have played without winning after their latest defeat to Fortuna.

7)Represent the number the number of goals Stade Renard have scored this season and 5 of those 7 goals have been scored by Tamo Giresse Tinwo.

8)It was only after 8 games this season that Franck Massoda scored Aigle’s first goal of the season.

Franck Massoda creates history by scoring Aigle’s first goal of the season after 8 goal drought games

9)Attacking Duo Marius Mouandilmadji and Kamilou Daouda have together scored 9 times this season.The rest of the Cotonsport squad have 3 goals.

10)attacking trio Ashu Tambe(5goals), Nguea Tchebemou(2 goals) and Richard Ebongue (3 goals) is the the most productive in the league so far with 10 goals between them.
In match day 9, 10 goals were scored by home sides.

11) Astres defeat in Bamenda was the second in a succession and it was the first time the club experience back to back defeat this season.The boys of coach Nankam Olivier have just 11 points to show for from 9 games.

Match day 10 games come up this weekend with the top game to come on Monday in Bamenda when YOSA welcomes Fovu of Baham.

Christian Nguidjol Bayemi, 5 goals (Eding sport FC)
Classification of best scorers

Tamo Giresse Tinwo , 5  goals (Stade Renard)

Ashu Tambe, 5 goals (Feutcheu FC)

Marius Mouanjilmadji, 5 goals (Cotonsport)

Brandon Simon Moukete  4 goals (APEJES )

Daouda Kamilou, 4 goals (Cotonsport)

Gombo Yannick, 3 goals(APEJES)

Joel Moukeu, 3 goals (APEJES )

Abdel Salam Mefira, 3 goals (AS Fortuna)

Marius Ngon a Tati 3 goals (Astres)

Richard Ebonge Ebonge 3 goals (Feutcheu)

Gabriel Appolonaire kack Kack 3 goals (AS Fortuna)


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