NC President calls for new forensic audit from FIFA






Dr. Kofi Amoah, President of the Ghana Football Association Normalization Committee has compiled pressure on FIFA to conduct further audits on the accounts of the GFA.

The forensic audit has already be done by world football governing body, FIFA which did not found any fault with former President Kwasi Nyantakyi.

FIFA, after setting up the Normalization Committee made it known that, a forensic audit will be conducted into the accounts of the association.

The Association for 13-years was led by Kwesi Nyantakyi.

The report of the forensic audit which came to an end about two months ago has been submitted to the Ghana FA Normalization Committee about a month ago, but the President of the Committee is said to have concealed it, directing it must not be made public.

Dr. Amoah believes the report by FIFA did not find any fault with Kwesi Nyantakyi and that FIFA must conduct another forensic audit, which he thinks Nyantakyi can’t be innocent of any financial misappropriation.

FIFA sources have disclosed that Dr. Amoah kept pushing for the FIFA Auditors conducting the forensic audit to find faults with Nyantakyi while the audit was at the infant stage but was disappointed.

His quest to find faults with Nyantakyi regarding the financial status of the FA has pushed him to table another request to FIFA asking for further audits since he’s not satisfied with the forensic audit conducted earlier.

Before his departure as the Ghana FA President, Nyantakyi had insisted on numerous occasions that he’s never misappropriated FIFA funds as they’ve been used for their intended purpose and the latest revelation by the FIFA Forensic Audit will hugely vindicate him.



Story by kolog Bonaventure


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