“No match, no competition, no league is worth risking a single human life”- Infantino told FIFA’s 211 Member Associations on Friday.

With the widespread of COVID-19,  most countries in the world are eager to see their leagues resume but FIFA’S president Gianno Infantino have cautioned leagues not to start early amid health concerns.

Most top European leagues like the Bundersliga and the premier league said to resume in May and June respectively,  Infantino warns league officials to take public health seriously.

“No match, no competition,  no league is worth risking a single human life”, Infantino said. “It’s better to wait a little bit longer than take risk.”

“I can’t stress this enough”, he told FIFA’s 211 member associations on Friday.

Though most leagues are eager to resume behind close doors as the world battles with the COVID-19 pandemic, Infantino still says health first.

“It would be more than irresponsible to force competitions to resume if things are not 100% safe,” said Infantino.

With COVID-19 far from over couple with the declarations of the FIFA boss, most leagues in the world are still suspended till further notice.



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