No O’ojong, Ndi and Co, as Yves Clement Arroga summons 28 lions

Afeseh Apong,

Sports Writer

The head of the intermediate lions of Cameroon, Yves Clement Arroga, has named a 28_man squad, that will take part in the lions next training camp.

The intermediate lions are expected to go to camp on Sunday October 25, at the CAF Excellence center in Mbankomo, as they continue to fine tune preparations for the upcoming African Nations championship.


Mark O’ojong, Etta Bawak, Rene Ndi, Nguede Nguede, Arouna Dang, Ndeh Collins, Ngwang Brian and Djob Lidjob who were sent home midway through their last training camp, have not been called back.


For Djob Lidjob and Etta Bawak, it is understandable that the two sustain injuries in the lions friendly game against South Sudan.

Yves Clement Arroga has given call ups to, Alioum Moubarak, Francis Elimbi, Aboubakari Sidiki and Fabonce Franklin.

The Full list of players is as follows:




1) Anye Derrick (cotonsport)

2) Epane Litizi Yannick (Stade Renard of Melong)

3)Dande Junior(APEJES)




4) Houazafi Youssoufa (cotonsport)

(5) Fabonce Franklin (Astres of Douala)

(6) Serge Andoulo (Union Sportive of Douala)

(7)Aurélien Ngombe Etame (Cotonsport)

(8)Banga Bienvenu (cotonsport)

(09) Yves Alain Dooh Moukoko (Eding Sport de la Lekie)

(10) Ndzana Joel (Panthere)

(11) Basile Yamkam (PWD Bamenda)




(12) Ebongue Yannick (Cotonsport)

(13) Onana Fabrice (Stade Renard)

(14) Man Ykre Dangomo (Colombe)

(15) Nchindo John Bosco (PWD Bamenda)

(16) Valentin Beo Batto(Astres of Douala)

(17) Aboubakari Sidiki (Union of Douala)

(18)Stephan Paulin Meyoupo (Eding Sport)

(19) Banbe Thierry (AS Fortuna)

(20) Abdoulaye Yahaya (APEJES of Mfou)

(21) Ebene Jacques (Djiko FC)

(22) Belle Henry (Dragon)

(23)Marius Ngon A Tiati (Canon of yaounde)




(24) Nlend Samuel (Union Sportive of Douala)

(25) Leon Boyomo (Astres of Douala)

(26) Elimbi Francis (Stade Renard)

(27) Moubarak Alioum (Sahel of Maroua)

(28) Akoh Calistus (APEJES)


Mbappe Muller has also been dropped, same thing for Ulrich Pange Lobe, while the likes of Nchindo John Bosco, Basile Yamkam and Joel Ndzana, will be in camp for just their second time.


Afeseh Apong

Afeseh Apong is a graduate of the Advanced School of Mass Communication, ASMAC, and is currently Team press officer of PWD Bamenda

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