OFTA Of Kribi Bag Record-Breaking PAK Shirt Sponsorship

Contract with PAK is One of the largest commercial deal in club’s history.

Elvis Kang,

Sports Writer

Cameroon Second tier soccer side Ocean Football Association,OFTA Of Kribi are continuing preparations for the 2021 new season by announcing Autonomous Port Of Kribi (PAK) as their kit sponsor.

The agreement sees the PAk company secure front-of-shirt branding from the start of the 2020/21 season in what has been described as ‘ One of the largest commercial deals’ in their history.

The length of the arrangement has not been disclosed but reports are suggesting the value of the deal stands at 10.000.000 FCfa

The fact that PAK and OFTA have agreed to promote knowledge, among other things through sports speaks volumes.
Thus, after signature, PAK received from the said company a commercial offer.

Social Action

In accordance with decree Nº 2020/252 of 05 May 2020 approving the statutes of the Autonomous Port of Kribi, article 03 paragraph 1 stipulates that the PAK has a
mission to ensure the management, development, promotion and marketing of the public and port domain. For this purpose, PAK is therefore charged among other things show support for local, social and cultural development activities of riparian communities.

Sponsorship Arrangements

In this regards, PAK has subscribed to the package of ten million FCFA (10,000,000
FCFA) which gives us the right to benefits such as:
-The provision of the club label for our commercial campaigns and advertising

-The presence of a logo on certain media-The Ofta event’s co-branding

-Headquarters co-branding (framed seat)

-Endowment for sports equipment


Elvis Kang

Elvis Kang is a graduate With a Diploma in Journalism from ALISON Online University Has worked with Eternity Gospel Radio 📻 Limbe Presently a sports Consultant with CAM1 TV Limbe

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