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Olympic play-off: Alain Djeumfa summons 28 Lionesses

28 Lionesses will enter their second training camp, ahead of their clash against the Law Roja Feminina of Chile scheduled for next month

The head coach of Cameroon’s Indomitable lionesses Alain Djeumfa Defasne, has made known a list of 28 players called to camp, to prepare their double header Olympic play-off against Chile.

The lionesses failed to get a direct qualification ticket for the Tokyo olympics, as they were pipped by the Shipolopolo of Zambia. Cameroon is therefore scheduled to take on 2018 Copa America Women’s Cup runners-up in an intercontinental play-off.

The game initially scheduled on 9 and 15 April 2020, was pushed Forward to February 2021.

About a month left to the crucial fixture, Alain Djeumfa and his girls will be entering their second preparatory camp. Some foreign based players have been added to this training camp, that is expected to run from the 06, to the 23 January 2021.



01_ Ongmahan Marthe ( Awa football girls)
02_Ange Bawou (Louves minproff)
03_Biyina Michaely (Eclair FC)
04_Ayangma Pauline (FC Ebolowa)


05_ Kouesso Magoumkoua (AWA football girls)
06_ Tsadja Dolores
07_Claudia Dabda (Dynamo Minsk)
08_Ndzana Collette (Éclair FC)
09_Nguidem Kamdem (AWA football girls)
10_Edjangue Siliki (FC Ebolowa)
11_Marly Confidence Ngah (Vision sports FC)
12_ Alvine Njolle (FC Minsk)


13_Brigitte Omboudou (Amazone FAP)
14_ Émilienne Endale Edjenguele (Caiman Filles)
15_ Mefire Peka Viviane (Louves minproff)
16_ Adama Raissa (Louves minproff)
17_Tondji Konda Natacha (FC Ebolowa)
18_ Ewodo Gladis (Saint Petersbourg)
19_ Meyong Charlène (Louves minproff)


20_ Takounda Alexandre (Éclair FC)
21_ Ngah manga ( Amazone FAP)
22_ Lamine Nana (Amazone FAP)
23_ Ngo Mback Batoum (Louves minproff)
24_ Flora Kameni (Louves minproff)
25_ Catherine Bengono (Amazone FAP)
26_ Machia Machia Farida (AWA football girls)
27_ Zouaretou Moussa (Hameh FC, Belarus)
28_ Agnes Nkada (Pelicuria Mixtafriol, Spain).

The Lionesses will host the La Roja Feminina in yaounde on Thursday February 18, 2021, before traveling to Chile for the return game on Wednesday February 24.

The Indomitable lionesses will be fighting to return to the olympics, since they last featured in the London 2012 edition.


Afeseh Apong

Afeseh Apong is a graduate of the Advanced School of Mass Communication, ASMAC, and is currently Team press officer of PWD Bamenda

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