Olympic Qualifiers: Cameroon vs Chile: Djeumfa’s Break Is Done.

Giovanni Wanneh,

Sports Writer

In the early hours of Tuesday, September 27, Indomitable Lionesses trainer Alain Djeumfa made public a list of 25 players to prepare for their knockout game against Chile in February, courtesy the Tokyo – Olympic, Women’s football round of sudden death (playoffs).

The list reads 23 Lionesses from the local championship, blended with two Lionesses based abroad, to complete the cream of the preliminary selection.

List of players to take part in Alain Djeumfa’s camp from October 27 to November 7;

Onghamam Marthe – Awa Filles de Yaoundé-Cameroon

Bawou Ange-Louves Minproff de Yaoundé-Cameroon

Beyina Michaely- Eclair de Sa’a de Yaoundé-Cameroon

Ngoe Esse Marina- Amazone FAP de Yaoundé-Cameroon


Kouesso Magoumkoua- Awa Filles de Yaoundé-Cameroon

Tsadia Dolores- Louves Minproff de Yaoundé-Cameroon

Kouesso Bengono Catherine – Eclair of Sa’a

Ejangue Sidiki – Arno Bjonar- Norway

Ndzana Collete- Eclair of Sa’a de Yaoundé-Cameroon

Nguadem Kamdem-Eclair of Sa’a de Yaoundé-Cameroon

Doudou Ousmane- Amazone FAP de Yaoundé-Cameroon

Nke Nke Julie- Amazone FAP de Yaoundé-Cameroon


Omboudou Brigitte- Amazone FAP de Yaoundé-Cameroon

Owona Mballa- Awa Filles de Yaoundé-Cameroon

Mefire Viviane- Eding Filles de Yaoundé-Cameroon

Konda Natacha- FC Ebolowa – Cameroon

Tamewe Lebogo- Canon Filles de Yaoundé-Cameroon

Adama Raissa- Louves Minproff de Yaoundé-Cameroon

Tondji Konda Natacha – Ebolowa FC – Ebolowa

Ngo Mbeleck Genevieve – FC Kiryat Georgia

Charlene Meyong Menene- Louves Minproff de Yaoundé-Cameroon

Takounda Alexandra- Eclair de Sa’a

Ngah Manga Marie-Amazone FAP de Yaoundé-Cameroon

Tchinda Adrienne – Louves Minproff Yaoundé-Cameroon

Kameni Flora – Louves Minproff – Yaounde, Cameroon

Cameroon Lionness
Cameroon Lionness

The run of events (Covid-19) hasn’t covered any national selection in glory. Alain Djeumfa however, has had to improvise; turning around to bring on some sort of open camping method. is made to understand that; a queue of foreign-based professionals will join the team as time waves.
Cameroon found herself in this position after failing to avoid defeat against a well oiled Zambian machine, in the fifth and final qualifying round.


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