Organizing a Remarkable CHAN Competition: Government’s key position

The government of Cameroon is looking forward to organizing one of the best Total African Nation Championship (CHAN) on the continent.

When the competition kicks off in the coming days, government wish to see an out standing show despite the insurgence of COVID-19 pandemic.

However, government have ignored the fight between the Cameroon Professional Football League (LFPC ) and the Cameroon Football Federation (FECAFOOT) giving privilege to the organization of this continental championship.

Tough talking leaders of the two structures have suddenly gone mute while the government whom many sports lovers were looking up to bring sanity has also gone silent. It is like nothing is happen and there is no problem.

Fecafoot vs lfpc
Fecafoot vs lfpc. Photo credit

With what many described as useless and baseless fight, the battle between the two houses have paralyzed the beginning of the national championship for the 2020/2021 football season.

Today, the Women Championship that was considered inferior in the past years is the only event making some noise around the country. So far, they have been able to staged significant matches with good style of play entertaining the public.

However, lovers of sport hold that, the fight might continue after February 7 when the CHAN competition must have come to an end.

Well, if the two parties do not sort out the difference during these moments of the CHAN competition, the fight is likely to continue shortly after the continental competition.

The worse might may still come but everything being equal, next year’s Cameroon’s representative in continental competition if at all they will be, will have difficult journey. With CAF calendar well define; the country’s football championship will likely not cope with the marathon race that they will have to take.

At the beginning of this battle, many could not understand why two great men could not come to unifying and dialogue table to settle their troubles. Even at one moment that this happen, there was still that egoistic altitude that had surely brought the football sector to where it is now.

It is time to bring back sanity into the football landscape and allow peace to reign. The settling of dispute together should be our priority. Players and team presidents as well as other stakeholders have suffered a lot and need for two fighting structures to have a rethink of their actions.

The 2021 CHAN is beginning in a few days to come but on a serious note, the unavailability of the national championship have had a toil on their preparations. Hoping that blames will not be forwarded to the wrong quarters after a dismal performance, which no Cameroonian is praying for that after the competition.

It is true that government has remain quiet due to the fact that they want to organize CHAN in peace but they need to be objective and solve the problem that is plaguing the football landscape and other federations.

By Etienne Mainimo


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